Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sans drama..

This is Megadeth for you.. In less dramatic circumstances. (You will know what I mean, when I post the concert pictures.) These were taken at the press conference a day before the concert. What concert you ask? The Dubai Desert Rock Festival. Featuring 4 biggie bands :) For more about that, look out for my next few posts ;)

Dave Mustaine. Ex-Metallica member. (Psst, he hates them now.) Megadeth founder. Lead vocalist. Guitarist. Only remaining from the original line-up.

Mustaine again, with a half-smile breaking on his lips. Yes, he does smile. Sometimes.

Shawn Drover. Drummer. Sometimes backing vocalist.

James LoMenzo. Bassist. Alumnus of Black Label Society, David Lee Roth, Slash’s Snakepit, Pride & Glory, Ozzy Osbourne, Ace Frehley, White Lion. This, incidentally was his first concert with Megadeth.

Glen Drover. Lead guitars. Brother to Shawn. Alumnus of King Diamond.


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