Monday, March 13, 2006

Roger Hodgson

As promised, I am back.. This time with pictures of Roger Hodgson, from the same Jazz Fest. Roger Hodgson, for those who might not know, was the main singer-songwriter for the 70s-80s band called Supertramp. Remember Breakfast In America and The Logical Song and Give A Little Bit? Yup, that's them :)

I have really loved some of their stuff.. Most of their stuff I have listened to. So it was quite a nice feeling to be hearing those very songs from the man who wrote them!

As mentioned elsewhere, Hodgson was virtually a one-man show. The first song for the evening was Give A Little Bit and him walking out from the wings with a nice, jangly guitar :) Then there were times that he would walk to the keyboards and sing and play along to the programmed stuff. So all drums and rhythm would be programmed.

He is about 55, but boy oh boy, what a voice still! He was taking all the high parts effortlessly.

A friend who saw some of these pictures was asking me how I managed such close shots. Well, it helps having that 12x zoom camera I mentioned earlier ;) Also the fact that unlike a metal concert, there were no headbangers moshing (metal lingo for acting like a bunch of deranged people, pushing each other around), certainly helped.

And I have run of out things to say. So you won't find words between photographs now.. :P

Except here maybe.. What I like in this photo below is the black parts all around him. It's not something I have photoshopped and achieved. In fact, yes, I have not processed any of the photographs in this series, no colour corrections, no cropping. Not that I am averse to that.

And this is Roger Hodgson on the grand piano.

In these following pictures, I liked the way we see a 'second' larger Hodgson on the screen behind.

A couple of close-ups of his face. Closely cropped faces, even closer than the ones below, particularly fascinate me.

This is a truly random shot. And by that virtue, it should have been in my other blog. But since it is a random shot related to music, I guess it will stay here :)

What I like about this photograph, even though the face is not well-lit, is the solid black patch on the left and those lit windows on the right :)

This next one is not meant to be a great shot or anything. Just something I clicked right before leaving and as I realised later, one of the few 'full stage' shots I took.


Blogger Shilpa said...

You know you're a superstar, don't you? :)
My favourites are the ones with the larger Hodgson in the background:) And the real close-up mug shots.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Man... you post the most wonderful pictures, Bobin.

2:58 PM  

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