Friday, December 09, 2005

Indian Ocean in concert...

Indian Ocean is one India's premier home-grown bands. Their music, well, you must excuse my laziness, but the easiest way to describe their music would be "fusion". But it is not quite anything like what I personally have heard so far. I have had the good fortune of seeing them live in concert on atleast a couple of occasions. And boy o boy, do they rock!!

For somebody who has not yet been introduced to their music, the one album to pick up would be Kandisa. This is an interesting blend of sounds and sensibilities from across India. And probably beyond too, for the title track is sung in Aramaic, the language believed to have been spoken by Jesus Christ.

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Blogger Shilpa said...

yayy!! welcome:) but we want MORE pictures and we want MORE stories and we want MORE to read and we want basically want a lot MORE;o)
so get down to work!

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Blogger Vijayeta said...

Ahem! Look who's here! And look who's the first commentor!
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And yes, post more. And more frequently!

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