Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dave Mustaine...

Okay, why dedicate a separate post and so many photographs to this one guy, do I hear you ask? Well, because he deserves it. Here's a guy who almost singlehandedly brought Megadeth to the very top. Even if you are a Metallica lover and Megadeth hater, you will have to admit that the latter was huge. And you will have to admit that they (which is actually Mustaine) kept at producing their kind of music without 'selling out'. I mean, I was looking at and more importantly listening to albums by Megadeth and Metallica. After a point in time, Metallica went off on another trip altogether. Now, one might argue that as a band, it's their prerogative to write and perform the kind of songs they like. Fair enough. But they definitely lost a fan in me. (And I know I am not the only one.) Whereas with Megadeth, even if their newest stuff might not be as good as the older Countdown To Extinction or Rust In Peace or Youthanasia, I would still prefer to listen to The World Needs A Hero and The System Has Failed instead of Metallica's Reload or St. Anger. And since this is a purely subjective matter and more importantly, since this happens to be my personal blog, arguments might not be taken to very kindly. But you could try ;) Jokes aside, this is always open to discussion :)

Also, I had the opportunity to speak to Mustaine, during the press conference and right after it, one-on-one. And trust me, he definitely does not come across as the jerk that he is projected to be. I know that I cannot let 10 minutes of conversation decide that. But then I would prefer to trust my first-hand experience now rather than what people 'think'. Again, entirely my opinion and open to debate :) What I do know is that post the concert, I am a bigger fan of Mustaine than I was earlier.


Blogger Shilpa said...

What I know, is that post this bloggie, I am a bigger fan of yours than I was earlier:D

3:38 PM  
Blogger Words Worth said...

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8:10 PM  
Blogger Manish Bhatt said...

Wow! You actually had a conversation with Mustaine? How cool is that! But Megadeth is not just that man. Don't forget the hugely talented Marty Friedman. Of course, he isn't there with the Megs anymore.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Bobin said...

Hey M!! Thanks for dropping by.. Yup, I consider myself fortunate enough to have met them man :)

I definitely cannot forget Friedman.. and Menza.. Now THAT would have been something, all of them playing together.. :D But like I said, these guys were doing a damn good job too!!

5:34 PM  

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