Saturday, March 18, 2006


Testament was the first big band to play at Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2006. Though personally, I would have preferred them to be the penultimate band in the line-up. And this was their original line-up, except for the drummer. For the benefit of those who have not heard Testament, they are a heavy, very heavy band, that plays a particular sub genre of metal, called thrash. And boy, do they really thrash it out! Despite their brilliant musicianship, unfortunately they never made it to the top spot in the thrash metal sweepstakes. But, as many would say, Testament were perhaps the closest contenders to Metallica's throne.

Alex Skolnick. Guitarist. One mean guitarist. Left Testament to join Savatage. Went on to pursue less heavier forms of music, in jazz fusion. Now back with Testament.

Greg Christian. Bassist.

Chuck Billy. Vocalist. Scary looking bugger.

Eric Peterson. Guitarist.


Blogger Manish Bhatt said...

O man! Testament! You lucky dawg!

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