Friday, December 08, 2006

Thermal And A Quarter

November 25, 2006. The Yamaha Roxx concert at the Garden Of Five Senses. First three bands on were Radius, Level 9 and Them Clones, in that order. And then came the band that I had come to see - Thermal And A Quarter. If I had to pick two bands from the Indian scene today, one would be TAAQ and the other Zero.

Anyway, this was my second time seeing them in concert. The first time I heard them, main vocal duties were being handled by David, who wasn't there this time. So the main vocalist was Bruce Lee Mani. Needless to say, fantastic vocals, and mindblowingly fantastic guitaring.

Rzhude did main vocals on one song I hadn't heard before - Holy Jose. It's apparently from their first album. Great fun song. Another song they did from the first album was Humpty Dumpty. Unfortunately, their first album is not quite available anymore. According to Bruce, the recording quality is bad. But hey, it doesn't matter, does it? I think those songs deserve to go out to people, as also we fans deserve to hear them :D

If any of the TAAQ guys are reading this, We Want The First Album!! We Want The First Album!! Humaari maange poori karo!! :P

Set list
Wishing For Magic
Sanity In Gravity
Words And Pictures
Holy Jose
Look At Me
Bend The World
Humpty Dumpty

Why is Bruce Lee Mani screaming? Must be the cold. It was darn cold that night.

Ditto with Rajeev on drums.

Those are not flames in the background. Much to the band's disappointment?

Rzhude on bass and Bruce on guitars, in one particularly soulful moment.

Tony Das on guitars.

Isn't she a beauty? That's a Parker Fly!

Btw, I shared a few of these photographs with the band and they liked it enough to put it up on their website and their blog.


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