Monday, December 04, 2006

Them Clones

November 25, 2006. Went for this concert at the Garden of Five Senses, here in New Delhi. This was my first time here - and I thought it was a fantastic open air concert venue. The actual amphitheatre itself might be slightly smallish, but doesn't matter. There were four bands playing - Radius, Level 9, Them Clones and Thermal And A Quarter.

A late day at work meant I could come in only towards the end of Level 9's set. So it wouldn't be fair on my part to comment on them. Them Clones, I am seeing in concert for the second or maybe the third time. And they have come across as a very tight outfit. Individually too, they seem to be really good musicians. I especially liked Prithwish's vocals. A really good voice he has. Compositions - while all the originals they played sounded very nice and all, none of them really managed to dig their way into my brain and refuse to leave, if you know what I mean.


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